What Type of a Wood Floor is Best for My Kitchen?

Wood Species
Go with the hardest species you can find. Oak and ash are some of the strongest domestic wood species used in the manufacture of wood floors. Rich grain and exquisite texture of these species will not only make the floor look beautiful and unique, but also help disguise small dents and scratches that are bound to occur over time.

Surface Texture
Wood floors with a light texture and a polished finish are gorgeous, but will they look just as spotlessly perfect after a few pots, pans, and jars have been dropped on your floor? Probably not, which is why highly textured wood species and wire brushed finishes work so well in kitchens and other high trafficked areas. If anything, the floor only ends up looking better over time!

  • Installing Hardwood Flooring In a Kitchen
    In a kitchen, you want to make sure that you purchase a very dense, durable hardwood, and stay away from softwood floors that will be more prone to water damage and staining issues.

  • Finish Options for Natural Wood Flooring
    The protective coat created by this process is much more potent than anything that can be applied on site and can last up to five times longer than traditional self-applied finishes.

  • Maintaining Hardwood Floors In a Kitchen
    The most important thing that you can do to maintain your hardwood kitchen floors is to keep constant vigilance over them. You can test the finish on the floor by pouring a very small amount of water on it in some of the most highly trafficked areas. If it beads up the finish is fine.

  • How To Care for a Hardwood Floor
    The drawback is that the refinishing process is a big, messy job. It involves taking almost everything out of the kitchen and then bringing in big, loud equipment that sends sawdust flying through the air in every direction.

  • The Advantages of Hardwood In Kitchens
    Hardwood provides you with a softer, more yielding surface to stand on than most tile and hard surface flooring options. This also makes it less likely that items will shatter if accidentally dropped.

  • Floods and Leaks in Kitchens
    Unfortunately, each utensil that ties into the plumbing of your house, is a potential disaster waiting to happen. Small leaks can cause standing puddles, that will wear through the finish and seep down cracks to rot the floor from within.​​

In spite of the fact that hardwood floors may appear the simpler, easier decision with regards to keeping them clean, those of us that have settled on them over rugs realize that they have their own arrangement of principles with regards to cleaning. Maid service Durham, NC says to keep your wooden floor taking care of business, it's imperative to realize the correct items to utilize, how frequently to clean them, and what to clean them with. Contingent upon the kind of ground surface, the accompanying counsel gives some direction on the most proficient method to ensure your floors remain all around great!
Dust Daily
This is one of the most thought little of and simple strides all the while. Residue day by day to keep residue and soil off the floor. This will forestall scratching and expand the magnificence and life of your floor. Every day residue cleaning will fundamentally diminish allergens in the home. More compelling than customary techniques, a microfiber material uses a static charge to pull in more residue and allergens. These littler strands venture into floor pores to lift earth all the more successfully.
Clean Weekly
There's a correct method to clean floors, and there's an incorrect way. An excessive amount of fluid can harm floors, while the off-base equation may not work. Search for pH-nonpartisan, nontoxic and biodegradable recipes to clean successfully and guard your home and condition. Vinegar, for instance, can consume complete, notwithstanding when weakened with water. Utilize a launderable microfiber cushion which will evacuate microbes and keep waste out of landfills.
Clean Quarterly
Use water-based shines to reestablish brilliance and sparkle each a few months. These shines won't leave a buildup or produce hurtful poisons, in addition to they'll avert over cleaning and depriving of your floor. Solid, urethane-based shines have quick dry occasions, no waxy development and a defensive wear layer to fill in smaller scale scratches and even out the presence of the floor.
Abstain from utilizing water and vinegar, cleanser based cleaners, wax or steam cleaners on your hardwood floor. Vinegar and water will dull the floor's completion after some time, while cleanser or wax will leave a buildup. Steam cleaners put warmth and unnecessary water on your floor, which can prompt measuring and long haul harm.
Utilize a characteristic, elastic mat underlayment with a waffle design in the passages or high-traffic regions; use felt floor defenders on furniture and maintain a strategic distance from high heels. Normally residue and clean your hardwood floor to keep it looking like new.
Utilize the best possible apparatuses to clean your floor: a mop matched with a machine-launderable microfiber cushion for tidying and cleaning. Abstain from string mops that put over the top measures of water on the floor, which can be harming, and drive earth around, rather than getting and evacuating soil.
Wipe up all spills promptly to maintain a strategic distance from changeless stains.
Keep pet nails cut.
Keep up an agreeable domain and temperature — no boundaries in dampness.