What Type of a Wood Floor is Best for My Kitchen?

Wood Species
Go with the hardest species you can find. Oak and ash are some of the strongest domestic wood species used in the manufacture of wood floors. Rich grain and exquisite texture of these species will not only make the floor look beautiful and unique, but also help disguise small dents and scratches that are bound to occur over time.

Surface Texture
Wood floors with a light texture and a polished finish are gorgeous, but will they look just as spotlessly perfect after a few pots, pans, and jars have been dropped on your floor? Probably not, which is why highly textured wood species and wire brushed finishes work so well in kitchens and other high trafficked areas. If anything, the floor only ends up looking better over time!

  • Installing Hardwood Flooring In a Kitchen
    In a kitchen, you want to make sure that you purchase a very dense, durable hardwood, and stay away from softwood floors that will be more prone to water damage and staining issues.

  • Finish Options for Natural Wood Flooring
    The protective coat created by this process is much more potent than anything that can be applied on site and can last up to five times longer than traditional self-applied finishes.

  • Maintaining Hardwood Floors In a Kitchen
    The most important thing that you can do to maintain your hardwood kitchen floors is to keep constant vigilance over them. You can test the finish on the floor by pouring a very small amount of water on it in some of the most highly trafficked areas. If it beads up the finish is fine.

  • How To Care for a Hardwood Floor
    The drawback is that the refinishing process is a big, messy job. It involves taking almost everything out of the kitchen and then bringing in big, loud equipment that sends sawdust flying through the air in every direction.

  • The Advantages of Hardwood In Kitchens
    Hardwood provides you with a softer, more yielding surface to stand on than most tile and hard surface flooring options. This also makes it less likely that items will shatter if accidentally dropped.

  • Floods and Leaks in Kitchens
    Unfortunately, each utensil that ties into the plumbing of your house, is a potential disaster waiting to happen. Small leaks can cause standing puddles, that will wear through the finish and seep down cracks to rot the floor from within.​​

Although hardwood floors Has Existed for Quite a While, There's nevertheless Some confusion concerning the best way to keep it. Among the biggest issues that people encounter when it is time to wash it's there are many distinct varieties of wood accessible, and a few finishes need different care than many others.
To Greatest Clean Hardwood, follow maid service fairfax station va professional advice
First off, once you get a brand new hardwood flooring installed, It's a Fantastic idea to Request the people doing the job concerning what should and should not be used to in your flooring. Typically, they'll have the ability to provide you a fantastic idea about what to buy and the techniques they'd use as professionals to wash your distinct kind of floors.
Regrettably, most people That Are Searching for information on hardwood flooring Cleaning are just not around for the installment of the flooring (and lots of times, the flooring was set up a production or two too early to its installers to be asked questions regarding its maintenance now ). You might choose to speak with a professional that specializes in recovery about hardwood cleaning, particularly if your flooring was installed several years back.
Possibly the Simplest form of cleaning Isn't really wood cleaning, at all. Engineered timber and laminate floors have been created to get the look of wood (also in the event of engineered goods, a coating of real wood) with no natural hardwood's complications. Both products need a fast sweep, vacuumcleaner, or dust mop a few times weekly, and each may be damp mopped provided that a minimum quantity of water is utilized. Be certain that you clean spills up ASAP, and steer clear of soap and"mop and glow" type goods, since they may leave a film on the face of those flooring.
Though new hardwood flooring Are Usually sealed with urethane, you can nevertheless Easily locate classic wax sealed hardwood floors in older homes. In such scenarios, hardwood cleaning may be a small job. These floors are especially vulnerable to liquid, so it is never a fantastic idea to utilize a moist or possibly a damp mop to wash them. Vacuum, sweep, or dust mop regularly to prevent scratches due to tracked in dirt, and occasionally buff the ground to make it glow. These flooring occasionally have to be partially sanded and re-waxed to get rid of individual stains. After wax builds up thick and flooring loose their luster, the wax has to be eliminated and a fresh coating of wax ought to be implemented.
Modern, urethane engineered hardwood flooring cleaning is much like cleaning Engineered or laminate flooring. Damage, and should not be mopped. Never wax a urethane sealed flooring, as it could Severely damage the end, or even void your guarantee. Urethane finishes are More lasting than wax finishes, but may nevertheless be scratched. It's a Fantastic idea To vacuum, sweep or dry wash often to reduce harm.